Electrical and Electronic Items for Transformer and Generators

Corrugated Wall Panels for Transformer

We are manufacturer and exporter of corrugated wall panels as per customer requirement. These corrugated wall panels are highly durable and ensures excellent performance. Our corrugated wall panels will be supplied meeting all specific requirements of the customer.

It helps in saving :

A) Additional reduction in oil volume because of more stability in corrugation.
B) Savings in freight cost.
C) Improved Heat dissipation.
D) Elegant apperance and hermetically sealed construction.
E) Vertical Oil channels provides greater Stability thus making the tanks withstand a higher degree of pressure.

We also carry on Embossing to increase the strength of the corrugated walls and to make more robust , especially in big tanks, where the pressure of oil is important, and the depth of the FIN HEIGHT (H) is above 190 mm.

Nano Core for CT's and PT's

High Precision Current Transformer Cores of Manufactured icon Based Nanocrystalline Material .These cores have a unique combination moderate saturation induction.High permeability,good temperature stability and low cost.


Measuring Current & Voltage Transformer in Power plant and Substations(0.2, 0.2S & 0.1 Accuracy class)


High Permeability
Very Low Loss
Moderate saturation flux density
Low Cost
small size
Good Thermal Stability. 
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